de Jean’s Closet


Concept made reality.

       Beginning in 2016 de Jean’s Closet started as a fashion blog on social media platforms like Instagram, however, de Jean’s soon formed into an import-export wholesale clothing business operated in a small dorm room. Recognizing the significance of having a popular fashion fan-base in the social media age, Crenshaw immediately began a subscription box themed clothing website under the name as well. From there de Jean's Closet evolved into a subscription clothing platform servicing hundreds of subscribers all over the country. With this growth unforeseen, John Crenshaw hired on Roy Baker as Creative Director to help develop the vision of the brand. The two would continue to lead the project until Bakers departure from the project in mid 2018.

      It is important to us at Crenshaw Ventures that we maintain the values and missions of our brands. Since its closure, the orginal de Jean's Closet team now focuses on promoting and investing into local clothing events in Central Texas with the goal of building customer base, market interest, and overall value. De Jean's sponsors fashion shows in Texas in conjunction with Patches of Hope, a charity with the mission of enacting spontaneous acts of benevolence to those in need.

    In it’s prime, de Jean’s worked with top influencers to push the latest fashion through popular brands to it’s base as quick as possible. The de Jean's team understoods big ideas are just the beginning and a strong community support base as well as headstrong determination is what truly wins the race.

DeJean's is currently being re-branded and employs representatives in San Antonio, Texas. 

Crenshaw Ventures has remained the primary owner of DeJean's since it's creation and throughout it’s partial sale.