We focus on marketing and investing in traditional businesses with a unique twist and adding value through our creative expertise.


Our Mission

      Crenshaw Ventures has refined an innovative, scalable investment strategy to create and maintain value in it's businesses. We know we are here because we touch communities in a different way and we strive to continue to improve overall life satisfaction with the services our companies provide. With a sincere and strong hold on our values we vow to use our unique tech-savvy and inventive abilities to increase value in our communities by continuously establishing businesses and events with strong foundations, essential products, and attractive market dynamics. There’s a reason every event we back becomes a staple in the community. Through this and only this, we plan to make the world a better place.

What We've Achieved

  • Established in several locations across Texas.

  • Open for nationwide sales for multiple companies through self e-commerce and P2P sales websites.

  • Successfully performing over 7 figures in annual sales.

  • Over 80% of earnings are reinvested into the company.

  • Satisfied tens of thousands of customers.

  • Established multiple events in the community that give back.

Since our conception, we’ve accomplished goal after goal and overcome every obstacle. We still push to take our person-to-person interaction just as seriously as our corporate investments. No customer leaves unsatisfied.
— John Crenshaw, President & CEO